Flow with Your Dreams:

Uncover your individual capacity for creative expression

Our current work world is obsessed with productivity. …….We are bombarded by books, articles, and experts urging us to time block, turn off digital distractions, and step into quiet spaces so that we can churn out our work with laser-like focus. But our relentless quest to be productive is undermining one of the most important abilities in today’s workplace: creativity. We’ve all been warned that in the future — when machine learning and artificial intelligence perform the perfunctory, routine aspects of our work — our most valuable contribution will be ingenuity and inventive guile.”  

——-Bruce Daisley, Harvard Business Review, March 10, 2020

Ongoing – New groups start every quarter.

If you are looking for motivation, guidance and a community of support to help make your dream a reality, this ten-month structured program is for you. If there has ever been a better time, it’s now. As a culture, we are opening up to the idea of a new way to measure “productivity” and the recognition that we are all, at heart, creators. What do you want to create? Let’s make it happen!


What’s included:

4 workshop days, scheduled to coincide with seasonal change. These days include two hours of yoga, meditation and journaling, as well as two hours of mentoring and journaling focused on solidifying your dream/vision. Lunch is included.


Workshop days are Saturdays – 10 am – 3 pm

  • One private (1 hour) (recorded) one on one session with Yoga Therapist Teresa Owen per quarter, to design a customized daily practice in support of your growth and vision.
  • One (30 minute) phone consult/check in monthly with Teresa.
  • One private (30 minute) session per month with Practical Dreamer and Accountability Mentor Precious Thomas.
  • Private Facebook Group for weekly check-ins and empowerment

Program Leaders:

Practical Dreamer LLC  “From Stress to Success”

Precious Thomas is an actress and producer who founded Practical Dreamer LLC in 2018 to mentor those who lack clarity, direction and support on how to execute on their dreams. 


Inner Smile Yoga, LLC    “Find the Glow Within”

Teresa Owen, E-RYT200, YCEP, C-IAYT, founded Inner Smile Yoga in 2005, to fill a void for those students intimidated or fearful of the growing large studio and fast-paced yoga scene. Certified in yoga, yoga therapy and as a continuing education provider, she offers both public and private classes, workshops, and retreats in Marin County and Atlanta,

What you will gain:

  • Self Image: The vision to see yourself already in possession of your dream.
  • Empowerment: Own who you are without the validation of others.
  • Your gift and talent: Understanding who you are and how to start or expand your services.
  • How to prepare yourself for your dream: Creating time to nurture your dream (goal setting)
  • Decision making: You already know what you want to do. It’s about understanding how to hold your will no matter what circumstance arises.
  • Accountability: Understanding the power of having an accountability partner. Your chances of success increases 95%!!
  • Established Daily Practice This discipline will support your internal development and mindset alignment.

Who will benefit:

  • You have started to implement a new business or career
  • You have been in business or career for 5 years or less
  • You who are in transition, life or career
  • You are open minded and coachable
  • You seek to understand more of who you are and desire to be more responsive to life rather than reactive.

Group size is limited to 12.


$1000 –one time payment in full. Or 4 payments of $265 each due quarterly.

This course will be offered online via ZOOM should COVID restrictions still be in place.

Registration/Application: please fill out the application here:

For Information:  send inquiries to innersmileyoga1@gmail.com  or preciousthomas@practicaldreamersonly.com or call 415-713-7961 or 4702813299

Course Description – Each quarterly workshop aligns with seasonal transitions

Fall Workshop – Sample Description

@Inner Smile Yoga, Roswell, GA

Actively align yourself with the energy and potency of seasonal changes, in order to bring about lasting creativity and transformation.  Yoga and its sister science, Ayurveda, offers us many tools to support this activity.

Join us for an extended yoga practice and ritual, including journaling and meditation. Honor the transition from summer to fall, and begin your journey inward. Fall, according to Ayurveda, is the most potent time of the year to make deep and lasting changes in your body, mind and spirit.

Fall is the season of Vata; wind energy. When harnessed skillfully, Vata brings about significant personal transformation and creativity. When left unchecked Vata winds can stir up anxiety, monkey-mind, and stress.

After lunch harness the Vata winds from our yoga session in order to explore your dreams. Utilizing tools such as journaling, guided process and discussion, discover the clarity of your vision.

Take inventory and write out the activities you’ve done this year towards your dream, on one side what has worked, on the other what has not. That which has not worked, dissect why and find a new idea inside.

Join us as we begin clearing the ground for new seeds, bring focus to those things that need nurturing, understand more about creating new opportunities out of “failures”, and discard those things that no longer serve us.